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Apple Repair

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Apple Repairs

Apple products typically take a little extra effort and care to repair. The sleek curves and lack of screws make them more difficult to disassemble and require special tools. RedBeard PC Repair is one of a few local shops that can perform repairs on your Apple machine. RedBeard PC Repair will take care to make sure that your computer leaves our shop as beautiful as it came in. RedBeard PC Repair can replace nearly any part of your Apple machine.

Laptop repair

Along with all of the services available for desktops, we also repair damaged screens, touchpads, keyboards, chargeports and more.

Desktop repair

Replacing a bad hard drive, recovering lost data, installing upgrades or new software are just a few of the services we offer for Apple Desktops

Quality Repairs

We know your Apple device is special to you. We will take care of it like it is our own.