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Building Security

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Security Cameras

RedBeard PC offers several different lines of security cameras that can fit any budget. Whether they are going into your home, or business, our cameras will help you keep an eye on things.

Some of the optional features are: Night vision, solar/battery powered, PoE (no power cords needed), wireless, public streaming and more.

Network Security

RedBeard can install a firewall and networking monitoring to make sure that your business network is secure from any outside or internal attacks. We can also make sure your users are setup correctly to make sure your employees don’t have access to things they shouldn’t.

Building Access Control

RedBeard PC can install an access control system in your building allowing you to access your building using a card, keyfob, or mobile app. We can do installs as small as 1 door.

Premier Partner

RedBeard PC Repair is a Premier partner with Dragon Connected, offering high end services such as:

• VoIP Phone Systems
• Webhosting and E-Mail
• Bulk E-Mail And SMS Marketing
• Cloud Storage
• Cloud Backup
• E-Commerce Websites
• Point of Sale
• Building Access Control
• Security Cameras
• Custom Cloud Applications