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Internet/Wireless Setup

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Small Home Network Setup

Most people under-estimate the number of devices connected to their home network. They are typically surprised when we show them how many devices they’ve connected to their network. RedBeard can setup your home network and make sure that it can handle all of your devices, and make sure they perform as well as possible.

Wireless Networking

A good wireless network will reach all corners of your home. There shouldn’t be any dead or weak spots if the network is setup properly.

Internet Setup

Don’t want to wait on the phone/cable company to setup your network? RedBeard can setup your internet and wireless and get all of your devices connected.

Need Something Better?

RedBeard PC Repair installs networks that are big and small. If you need help with a more complicated network we can help.

Some of our more complex setups include:
• Linking multiple buildings
• Burying outdoor cable
• Long range wireless
• Mesh Wifi
• Cellular Backup
• In-Wall networking