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Phone Service

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VoIP Phone Service

RedBeard can help your business deploy a modern IP-based phone system. IP phone systems drastically lower telecommunication costs while giving you access to many more features.

VoIP phone systems can be installed on-site in your office, or they can be deployed in the cloud. Our phone systems can be used my small, medium, and large businesses. We offer flexible billing options including unlimited extensions or metered billing (great for low volume businesses).

We can support an unlimited number of phones, extensions, and incoming/outgoing numbers. We also offer low cost international rates.

Our phone systems are integrated into the DragonConnected Unified platform, allowing you to use any PC, MAC, Smartphone, or VoIP handset to connected. The software also allows you to integrate live chat into your website, message coworkers, share voicemails, and so much more. 

Dragon Connected - SaaS / PaaS / IaaS

Dragon Connected gives your business the tools to be more productive and competitive by leveraging low-cost cloud computing and leased hardware. Your business can access our entire suite of tools through a single platform allowing you to reduce your IT and infrastructure costs.

Leveraging a single platform for your communications, customer relations, and commerce allows you to streamline your processes, reduce error, and improve customer satisfaction.

Dragon Connected’s Unified software is sold as an ala-cart subscription. You can start with packages as low as $10/month and pick and choose from any of the features/apps you want. There are no contacts or term limits and you able to upgrade and downgrade at any time. 

Dragon Connected service are only available through authorized and premier partners*

Premier Partner

RedBeard PC Repair is a Premier partner with Dragon Connected, offering high end services such as:

• VoIP Phone Systems
• Webhosting and E-Mail
• Bulk E-Mail And SMS Marketing
• Cloud Storage
• Cloud Backup
• E-Commerce Websites
• Point of Sale
• Building Access Control
• Security Cameras
• Custom Cloud Applications